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"Loyola Campus on Broadway and St Charles houses Greenville, a former plantation, that's the most haunted building on the campus. The staff that work in the building will almost never stay long after dark. It's said that a womans spirit haunts the place (probably left over from the Civil War). The widow's walk on the building is actually blocked off and now houses a religious statue.

My Father was a maintanence man at Loyola and used to do the midnight shift. He'd often smell a woman's perfume (described as something old his Grandmother used to wear) in the entrance way late at night after everyone had gone home, and during the holidays when there was almost no one on campus. This building is LOCKED at night, so there is NO ONE in there, after they close.

The Old Library is also haunted by the spirit of a Priest who likes to knock the hats off of people's heads and cigarretts out of mouths. One of my Father's co-workers wouldn't do the rounds in this building at night after trying to "light one up" inside and having it promptly smacked out of his mouth.

Loyola's campus used to have a medical school and the morgue was housed on the top floor of the Marquette building. That area has since been changed into a "contemplation room" for the Jesuit priests, though almost none of them go up there. The basement is also haunted, and has many areas that are closed off. What it used to be, is anyone's guess.

Cabra, a dorm on Broadway, is reputedly haunted by a suicide, though my Father has never come into contact with anything out of the ordinary.

The living area of the Jesuit priests is also haunted as many of them have died there as well.

This was stolen from one of the New Orleans communities. =/
Just throwing it out there, since some people like to roam these places at night since there's NOTHING ELSE TO DO BESIDES GET DRUNK AND WATCH TEEVEE.
most of the time.

I miss my Six Flags and Aquarium.
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