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Loyola University New Orleans Class of 2009

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Мы пошли по тому же пути [01 Apr 2011|01:10am]

Мы пошли по тому же пути, что и Вы сразу - дать как можно информации о товаре. Но скажу очевивидную вещь, да, - клиент будет ходить к Вам за информацией, но это не значит, что он будет покупать у Вас. Он, получив всю инфу, пойдет забьет в поиск нужную вещь и будет искать, где дешевле ее купить. Как и любой человек, как и мы с вами, да? Это не значит, что этого не надо делать, пусть клиент ходит и, может, он чего-нибудь да и купит когда-нибудь. Но не это дает покупателей, это только одна составляющая и не самая главная. Главная - это удобство получения товара и цена. 
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so [11 Dec 2006|07:21pm]

i never thought that people actually stole school stuff... but apparently i'm too trusting and now it has happened to me. i left a white sociology binder (with this image in the front cover) in the women's restroom in the danna center. i accidentally left without it but i went back only a few minutes later to find it gone. i really need this notebook this week to study for my exams. if you have seen it around, or if you happened to take it, please respond to this message or send me an email at elevatorlady@gmail.com. thanks. [x-posted]
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Tard-a-riffic [29 Apr 2006|08:15am]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

So a topic in the loyno community made me look at this dying community.

Remember those intro surveys we all posted last year? The omgsoexcitedgettingtoknowyouyay BS?

Go read them. Read your own, and then read the people's you've become friends with as a result of this community. Or even the people you didn't know were on LJ but are also on this community.

MAJOR LOLZ LET ME TELL YOU. Seriously. It's some funny shite.

Wow I'm going to miss this school next semester :(


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Class of 2009 T-Shirt Designs!! [16 Feb 2006|09:16pm]

Anyone interested in submitting a possible t-shirt design for the Class of 2009 t-shirt should bring the design to the SGA offices located in the lower level of the DANNA CENTER by Wednesday, February 22nd at 5pm!

Any questions, leave a comment!
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Freshmen Council!!!! [01 Feb 2006|12:21pm]

What? The first Freshmen Council meeting of the year!
Where? In the SGA Offices located on the bottom floor of the Danna Center
When? Tonight! (Feb. 1st) at 5pm! (It will not interfere with Sorority Convocation)
Why? Because as Freshmen you have a voice, and it needs to be heard! Come help plan fundraisers and events, share ideas, and make Loyola YOUR Loyola!
There will be FREE food! and we want anyone one who can to come!
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ARRRG MATEY [21 Jan 2006|06:17pm]
Looking for something to do tonight? Dunno who all saw this, but it seems like fun...

Event Name: The 3rd Annual Pirate Extravaganza
Hosted By: Brian Burgess and Lisa Campo
Event Type: Night of Mayhem

Time and Place
Date: Saturday, January 21
Time: 9:00pm - 6:00am
Location: Our house
Street: 358 Pine St.
City: New Orleans, LA
Contact Info
Phone: 817.372.4236

Grab the a wench and some booty and join us for a night of pillaging, plundering and all-around swashbuckling. Come in costume or we'll keel haul ye, ans hang ye from the yard arm.

Rations and grog provided, but extra is always welcome.

Anyone else planning on going?
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[17 Jan 2006|08:40pm]
"Loyola Campus on Broadway and St Charles houses Greenville, a former plantation, that's the most haunted building on the campus. The staff that work in the building will almost never stay long after dark. It's said that a womans spirit haunts the place (probably left over from the Civil War). The widow's walk on the building is actually blocked off and now houses a religious statue.

My Father was a maintanence man at Loyola and used to do the midnight shift. He'd often smell a woman's perfume (described as something old his Grandmother used to wear) in the entrance way late at night after everyone had gone home, and during the holidays when there was almost no one on campus. This building is LOCKED at night, so there is NO ONE in there, after they close.

The Old Library is also haunted by the spirit of a Priest who likes to knock the hats off of people's heads and cigarretts out of mouths. One of my Father's co-workers wouldn't do the rounds in this building at night after trying to "light one up" inside and having it promptly smacked out of his mouth.

Loyola's campus used to have a medical school and the morgue was housed on the top floor of the Marquette building. That area has since been changed into a "contemplation room" for the Jesuit priests, though almost none of them go up there. The basement is also haunted, and has many areas that are closed off. What it used to be, is anyone's guess.

Cabra, a dorm on Broadway, is reputedly haunted by a suicide, though my Father has never come into contact with anything out of the ordinary.

The living area of the Jesuit priests is also haunted as many of them have died there as well.

This was stolen from one of the New Orleans communities. =/
Just throwing it out there, since some people like to roam these places at night since there's NOTHING ELSE TO DO BESIDES GET DRUNK AND WATCH TEEVEE.
most of the time.

I miss my Six Flags and Aquarium.
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Coming back? [14 Dec 2005|07:32pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

So there are 26 days till LOYNO reopens and we're reunited. Pending another natural disaster *knocks on wood* 2006 is going to be sweet.

Now, the question is...



Who are the traitors transferring to other schools? (LAME.)

Once I get all the comments, I'll make a new post so it's easier for everyone to keep track of...

My vote: I'm coming back, for sure. :)

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ANYONE IN CHICAGO.... [08 Nov 2005|06:29am]

Provost and Academic Vice President, Dr. Walter Harris, Jr.
and the Academic Deans of Loyola University New Orleans
invite you to a Loyola Information Session and Reception
for relocated students of Hurricane Katrina on:

Tuesday, November 15, 2005
Simpson Living & Learning Center
Multi-Purpose Room - Lakeshore Campus
Loyola University Chicago
6333 North Winthrop Avenue
Chicago, IL 60626
6:00 – 8:00 PM

For driving directions, please visit:
For campus map, please visit:

Wednesday & Thursday, November 16th & 17th
Pre-Advising Sessions
Damen Hall, Room 339 – Lakeshore Campus
8:30 am – 6:30 pm

Please RSVP to Carol Terre for both Reception and Advising by Friday,
November 11, 2005 (THAT'S THIS FRIDAY), at cterre@loyno.edu or (504)865-2552.

xposted to loyno and loyola_chicago
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[25 Sep 2005|04:40pm]


Alright people.

Let's get a tally of everyone who's planning on returning!!

Count me in...I hate being back home and USF doesnt even COMPARE to Loyola.

So...who's staying and who's goin back?!

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[25 Sep 2005|04:14pm]

If haven't done so, LoyNO is asking you to fill this out if you're coming back or not.

Me? I plan on staying in Chicago.
I've made a bunch of friends, I love this city, and I got a job that pays $12 an hour.
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second beginnings with happy endings (i hope) [05 Sep 2005|11:49am]
[ mood | blah ]

i'm at the college of the holy cross, word.

i'm in worcester, massachusetts.
it's WOOSTA, bitches.

i miss nola like the world demands it. :(

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I need roommates!! [04 Sep 2005|09:01pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

I was accepted to Loyola Chicago... but there's no housing left... so I need some people to share an apartment with. I found a 1 bedroom place (utilities included, but unfurnished) 1 block from campus for $650, and the guy is willing to do monthly leases up until winter break for us NOLA kids...

I bathe regularly, am not irritable, don't eat much, and (sadly) I only bring random makeup-wearing men home once a week... :D

Comment if you're interested... I'm leaving tomorrow, so I need some people ASAP...

<3 Heather

ps- it would be super if you were a Nine Inch Nails fan :)

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[28 Aug 2005|08:33pm]
They're saying this hurricane is the strongest ever to hit Louisiana.
Which means power will be down and reconstruction for months and months.

Who else is kind of pissed that there's a huge chance that we might not start school for weeks and possibly months?
I didn't even get to move in yet.
Which is a good thing I suppose.

What the hell are we going to do until then? =/
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[28 Aug 2005|11:47am]

Did everyone get out ok???
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[21 Aug 2005|07:17pm]

Is anyone else having a packing meltdown, or is it just me?

No matter how much I pack, I feel like I am forgeting something.
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[20 Aug 2005|03:55am]

Because reading all about it is so much fun.
I suggest you guys pick up this book if you can find it -
It has directions and times and the day specials of the local bars and restaurants and tips about Loyola in general.

It's pretty neat-o.
But we're all heading over there on wednesday so what does it matter?

Question -
Has anyone even read Nickel and Dimed?
I already have an entry-level job, I don't need to read about it. =/
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[15 Aug 2005|02:10pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

so, at my parents request, i started packing for school today. im afraid i have too much stuff! all of my things are being packed into 2x2x2 boxes, maybe a little bit bigger. how much stuff are you guys bringing? if you had to pack your stuff into boxes that were 3x3x3, any estimate as to how many you'd have? when i had my stuff laid out, it didnt look like that much, and everything is pretty much stuff i need. nothing excessive or showy and very very little things for from home comfort. i've never had to share a room before, so im freaking out about being a bad roommate!

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[11 Aug 2005|08:16pm]
Here's a really neat website to find out shit about your professors - you know - if they're good or not. Crazy or sane.


I only have one bad prof according to the website - My philosophy teacher who is supposedly really, really insane.
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